Sliding Door wardrobes «Domino»

“Domino” wardrobes are high functionality and up-to-date design that is in line with the latest European trends in the furniture industry.  The main difference of this series is the thick end of the case (50 mm), which visually distinguishes the “Domino” cabinets from the mass of standard furniture.  This cabinet looks unusual, solid and expensive, with the individual features of the model appear even more visually against the background of simple and clear lines and shapes.

The second progressive solution is the modern sliding system for the color of the case (maple or wenge).  In addition, the profile can have a color of natural aluminum, which  well combine with mirrors and photo printing – the final choice depends on the overall artistic idea.  Combining different materials and textures, sandblasting of mirrors, huge floor-to-ceiling designer drawings make an unforgettable impression and transform the wardrobe into a stylish and self-contained element of a modern interior.

Depending on the width of the structure, cabinets can be 2, 3, 4-door;  two heights and two depths are also provided.  All cabinets are equipped with legs in the color of the case.  These are comfortable and beautiful furniture that with good room, interesting design and reasonable price, will fit into your room organically.

Available features (optional)

Width: 1200, 1500, 1800 (1775), 2220, 2400 (2368), 2626.
Height: 2220, 2400.
Depth: 450, 600.

The thickness of the chipboard of the case: 16 mm
Thickened end face of the body: 50 mm

More options:
● clamp for sliding system brush.

sliding hanger (micro lift) at cabinet depth of 450 mm.
pipe-rolling pin chrome at cabinet depth of 600 mm.
The mirror is covered with an armor film.

Schemes of wardrobes «Domino»

Scheme of the wardrobe "Domino" 1200x450,
facade 580 (2 pieces).

Scheme of the wardrobe "Domino" 1200x600,
facade 580 (2 pieces).

Scheme of the wardrobe "Domino" 1200x600 UNI,
facade 580 (2 pieces).

Scheme of the wardrobe "Domino" 1500x450,
facade 720 (2 pieces).

Scheme of the wardrobe "Domino" 1500x600,
facade 720 (2 pieces).

Scheme of the wardrobe "Domino" 1800x450,
facade 580 (3 pieces).

Scheme of the wardrobe "Domino" 1800x600,
facade 580 (3 pieces).

Scheme of the wardrobe "Domino" 1800x600 W,
facade 860 (2 pieces).

Scheme of the wardrobe "Domino" 2220x600 W,
facade 720 (3 pieces).

Scheme of the wardrobe "Domino" 2400x450,
facade 580 (4 pieces).

Scheme of the wardrobe "Domino" 2400x600,
facade 580 (4 pieces).

Scheme of the wardrobe "Domino" 2630x600 W,
facade 880 (3 pieces).

aluminum sliding system “Standard”

Maple aluminum sliding system “Standard”

Wenge aluminum sliding system “Standard”

Samples of door filling of chipboard «Domino».


Available types of facades.



Filling mirror (artistic matting)

Photo printing

Samples of door filling of chipboard



Samples of door filling mirror (artistic matting)

















10-6L / 10-6R

43L / 43R

48L / 48R

77L / 77R

0207L / 0207R

212L / 212R

214L / 214R

218L / 218R

222L / 222R

308L / 308R

315L / 315R

329L / 329R

341L / 341R

472L / 472R

0580L / 0580R

0624L / 0624R

0640L / 0640R

720L / 720R

722L / 722R

724L / 724R

725L / 725R

725L фон мат. / 725R фон мат.

730L / 730R

1023L / 1023R

1096L / 1096R

1205L / 1205R

2162L / 2162R


20-16L / 20-16S / 20-16R

728L / 728S / 728R

3053L / 3053S / 3053R


4012L / 4012SL / 4012SR / 4012R

Samples of door filling photo printing






F31L / F31R

F147L / F147R

F276L / F276R

F413L / F413R

F504L / F504R

F561L / F561R

F711L / F711R

F721L / F721R

F723L / F723R

F725L / F725R

F924L / F924R

F986L / F986R

F1000L / F1000R

F1097L / F1097R

F1228L / F1228R


F17L / F17S / F17R

F020L / F020S / F020R

F23L / F23S / F23R

F44L / F44S / F44R

F194L / F194SL / F194SR

F237L / F237S / F237R

F256L / F256S / F256R

F348L / F348S / F348R

F370L / F370S / F370R

F514L / F514S / F514R

F686L / F686S / F686R

F694L / F694S / F694R

F708L / F708S / F708R

F799L / F799S / F799R

F1185L / F1185S / F1185R

F1444L / F1444S / F1444R


F185L / F185SL / F185SR / F185R

F340L / F340SL / F340SR / F340R

F462L / F462SL / F462SR / F462R

F486L / F486SL / F486SR / F486R

F651L / F651SL / F651SR / F651R

F699L / F699SL / F699SR / F699R

F786L / F786SL / F786SR / F786R

F805L / F805SL / F805SR / F805R

F907L / F907SL / F907SR / F907R

F965L / F965SL / F965SR / F965R

F992L / F992SL / F992SR / F992R

Dear buyers of the prodution of furniture factory «VIP-master». We draw you attention to the fact that the colour saturation, texture of the furniture in the picture and in fact may be slightly different. All images are as close as possible to the original products, but certain conditions can add nuances in their reproduction and visual perception. For a clear idea of the look of the products you are interested in you can get acquainted directly with the samples of materials, fittings and accessories used by our factory. You can also get acquainted with finished products presented at exhibitions, etc.

The factory reserves the right to change the configuration, design and color shades of products that do not affect their primary purpose.

Order the sliding system separately.*

AL aluminum sliding system "Standart"
KL aluminum sliding system "Standart" in the Maple color
WEN aluminum sliding system "Standart" in the Wenge color
HR chrome sliding system "Alto"
BL black chrome sliding system "Alto"
WT white sliding system

Door filling to sliding system: possible size of facades in width from 440 to 1200 mm, in height from 2000 to 2500 mm.

Facades in the form of a mirror, mirror artistic matting, photo printing: possible size of facades in width from 440 to 1000 mm in any system profile.

Rattan facades: width limits from 440 to 880 mm on any profile system.

* The maximum size of a door niche is 5000 mm.

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