Modular system "Solomiya NEW"

Modular system "Solomiya NEW" could be combined from different units, which united with colours and style. These give you a possibility to design a different house premises and to make it very functinal. Modular system "Solomiya NEW" could be used for entrance hall,living room or work-room. The main thing you should do - to decide which of moduls would be more usefull for your premises. Our factory designed many units of modular system "Solomiya NEW" with idea to include here a maximum functional: wardrobes, chest of drawers, mirrors, open shelf etc. if you chose a modular system "Solomiya NEW", produced by "Vip-Master" you will be sure that you find all nessesary things for your premises. Additional advantage is that you can join it to mdular system "Safari NEW", produced by our factory.

sol-1     sol-2     

Gallery of modular system of "Solomiya NEW"

Dear Customers! Please, pay attention to possible shadings and possible differs between the pictures on our web-site and real product. These differences could be in some shade of colour, colour value, lightning or structure of materials. All the pictures are made as close to real visual look of product as possible. For fully understanding of colours and structures of our product we could provide you with the samples of materials, finding and others, which we use in producton of our products.

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Possible options:

  Units quantity: 9.

  Fronts:  rattan frame, PWS.

  Body frame colour:  sonoma-smol sonoma oak,  trufel-smol sonoma oak truffle.

Dimensions of modular system "Soloviya NEW" units

sol-1-ms sol-2-ms sol-3-ms  

*microlift, **handing rod.
Type of fronts of modular system "Solomiya NEW"

        sonoma   trufel        
        sonoma oak   sonoma oak
Body frame colours of modular system of "Soloviya NEW"

        so   tr        
        sonoma oak   sonoma oak
domino 2400