Sliding door wardrobes "Alto"

Sliding door system ALTO – is a chromed profile for wardrobe. Due to lines across on the edges and three molding, a wardrobe becomes to be a stylish and lightsome. It`s design is a trend of nowadays ideas. But also you can choose fronts without molding, but an usual wooden chipboard, mirror, mirror with jet blast, photoprint. When you buy ALTO wardrobe – you get a nice looking and useable clothes storage system with a good price!


Gallery of sliding door wardrobes "Alto"

Dear Customers! Please, pay attention to possible shadings and possible differs between the pictures on our web-site and real product. These differences could be in some shade of colour, colour value, lightning or structure of materials. All the pictures are made as close to real visual look of product as possible. For fully understanding of colours and structures of our product we could provide you with the samples of materials, finding and others, which we use in producton of our products.
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Dimensions of sliding door wardrobes:

  Width: 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800 (1775), 1800W (1775),   1900, 2000, 2100, 2220, 2220W (2215), 2300, 2400 (2368), 2500, 2630W (2627), 2630 (2627), 2700.

  High: 2200, 2400.

  Depth: 450, 600.

  Sliding door system: hrome HR, black hrome BL.

  Additional options: 16 мм.

  Sliding door wardrobes fronts: PWS, mirror, mirror (sand jet), photoprint, combined types, rattan.

  Additional options: rod for lightning, corner ledge, drawers, stoppers, brush fixer for sliding door system.

  Attention! Wardrobes with a width 900mm and 1000 mm can not be completed with a drawer.

  Colour of wardrobe body frame:   walnut,  marple,  appalachi oak appalachi,  dub kraft oak craft grey,  wenge,  oak milk, sonoma oak truffle, sonoma oak, white, bergamo, pv der svitle northern tree is light, pv der temne northern tree is dark.

 Colour of internal items of wardrobe body frame: white.


Sliding door wardrobe with depth 450mm includes sliding hanger, wardrobes with depth 600mm includes hanging rod. The drawer could be installed between the ledges. Could be installed one or two drawers into one partition of ledges. The drawers are completed with a good quality telescopic runners.

Dimensiond of sliding door body frames "Alto"

Type of fronts of sliding door wardrobes "ALTO"

with molding HR
  PVS HR   mirror HR   mirror
(sand jet)* HR
  photoprint** HR   rattan HR  

  fasad alto 8   fasad alto 7          
  PVS combined with satin glass v.1 *** HR   PVS combined with satin glass v.2 *** HR   PVS
with molding BL
  PVS BL   mirrorо BL   mirror
(sand jet)* BL

      fasad alto 8 BL   fasad alto 7 BL          
  photoprint** BL   rattan BL   PVS combined with satin glass v.1 *** BL   PVS combined with satin glass v.2 *** BL          

* all the types of pictures on the mirrors (sand jet) are the same as a "Standart"
** all the types of picture on the photoprint are the same as a "Standart"
*** a minimal width of sliding doors – wood chipboard/ combined satin glass – is 590 mm.
Colours of sliding door body frames "Alto"

    DKS   APP    
walnut   marple   oak craft grey   oak appalachi   wenge   oak milk

        PDS   PDT  
  sonoma oak truffle   sonoma oak   bergamo   northern tree is light   northern tree is dark  
domino 2400