If you observe all rules and exploration conditions of the furniture, the guaranteed term is 24 months from the date of manufacture.

If the furniture is properly used, we will repair the manufacturing defects free of charge during the warranty period and if the defect is impossible, replace the defective part.

Upon receipt of the furniture, the buyer must chech the integrity of the glass and mirrors (if ordered) as well as the integrity of the packaging and the details of the package. In case of packaging damage, check the quantity and completeness of the attachment.

Before assembling the furniture the buyer must chech the details for the absence of defects (they must be free from chips, scratches; all items of the product must match the stated colour. In the event of a defect, assembly should be suspended as furniture parts with traces of installation are non-refundable and exchangeable. Keep the original packaging unit completion of assembly as the replacement of the defect is carried out only in the original packaging.

The warranty is avoid and the part is not replaceable if it has already been installed or there ara clear indications that the part was used (for example, a screw was screwed, a hole was cut, etc.). After assembly, store the check and the labels (tags) from the packages until the ending the warranty period.

Warning! Furniture should be assembled by a cabinetmaker.
In the case of self-assembly and installation of furniture, the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t apply.
Please read the operating instructions before using the furniture.

Operating instructions

1. The furniture made of laminated wood chipboard (WCB) intended for operation and storege in dry and warm rooms.
2. To prevent deformation and discolouration of the furniture surface and edges on the ends, it is necessary to avoid contact with parts of the particleboard of moisture and direct sunlight.
3. In the forbidden to expose furniture facades to temperature above 70 °C ( open oven, burning hotplates, hot plates, switched on lighting and heaters, hot steam, etc.) as this may cause deformation, peeling of the film.
4. It isn’t recommended to use the furniture for the wrong purpose.
5. Don’t overload the furniture parts which leads to their deformation and destruction.
6. Before changing the location if furniture in a living room, it is necessary to free them from things. With heavy movements it is recommended to remove the doors, interior shelves and drawers. The furniture should be carried by holding it to the side part and the bottom, raising it slightly above the floor.
7. Drawing of furniture on the floor isn’t allowed; it cannot be lifted over the top cover to carry its.
8. You should address to consult specialist for repair and refurbishment of furniture.
9. Cleaning products containing corrosive chemicals(acetone, washing powder, solvent for paints) as well as abrasive materials aren’t allowed.
10. Mousture on the ends of furniture covered with film or edge (machanically trimmed parts) isn’t allowed as this will cause the chipboard to swell.

Claims are accepted only if there is a product check and the product itself or its individual items in the factory packaging. Failure to comply with these requirements will not be accepted. Defects resulting from improper assembly (self-buyer), improper delivery and pickup (self-buyer) or resulting from improper use are eliminated at the expense of the buyer.

The warranty is forfaited if:
• the rules and conditions of storage and operation of furniture have been violated;
• the buyer independently carried out restoration or repair of furniture;
• furniture damaged by pets, exposed to fire or corrosive liquids, have other signs of careless use;
• the buyer changed the design of the product or components;
• warranty expired;
• there isn’t document confirming the purchase of goods by the buyer.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the VIP Master factory adjusts the conditions of return of the goods.  Due to the significant expansion of the range of kitchen products, there is no warehouse program for commodity residues.  Practically all production is made under the order of the client.  This means that the ability to return goods to customers is limited.  In particular, all painted facades: “Amore Classic”, “BRAVO”, “Flat”, “Margo”, “Color-Mix” – are not refundable! The possibility of returning another range can be considered individually.  The VIP Master factory reserves the right to permit / prohibit the return of goods from the buyer or to correct orders already made.  Detailed information on the whole range, on terms of fulfillment of orders, on guarantees, etc. is in the “VIP Master” factory operating instructions.

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