Modular Systems «Safari NEW»

The Modular “Safari NEW” furniture is a modern, multipurpose storage system designed in a minimalist style.  Restrained laconic wood-like facades will blend harmoniously into the interior of your living room and give it comfort and comfort.

With all the benefits of modular cabinet furniture, the “Safari NEW” model is portable and easy to use.  The lower and upper modules – wide and narrow, low and high – can be assembled as a constructor: to combine, swap, increase in length and in height.  Open shelves are combined with drawers and blind doors, behind which you can hide many things that you would not want to show off.  A showcase version is also available.  The wall looks very stylish and does not clutter up the space.  It will be appropriate both in the spacious house and in the small living room of the city apartment.

Another added benefit of “Safari NEW” is that it is harmoniously combined with the modular system “Solomia NEW” manufactured by our factory.

System modules «Safari NEW»

Product diagrams are presented in a simplified form to represent the overall dimensions. See build maps for more information.

– Chipboard body color and facade to choose from*;   – Particleboard, white;  
*variants of the colors of the decor used by our factory in the manufacture of furniture.

module 1

module 2

module 3
showcase possible

module 4
showcase possible

module 5

module 6

module 7

module 8

module 9

module 10

Case colors

Sonoma oak
Oak sonoma truffle

Colors of facades

Sonoma oak
Oak sonoma truffle

Dear buyers of the prodution of furniture factory «VIP-master». We draw you attention to the fact that the colour saturation, texture of the furniture in the picture and in fact may be slightly different. All images are as close as possible to the original products, but certain conditions can add nuances in their reproduction and visual perception. For a clear idea of the look of the products you are interested in you can get acquainted directly with the samples of materials, fittings and accessories used by our factory. You can also get acquainted with finished products presented at exhibitions, etc.

The factory reserves the right to change the configuration, design and color shades of products that do not affect their primary purpose.

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